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Adding New Technology To Your Drive

You have made a sensible decision to buy a used car instead of spending heavily on a new car. In such a situation, it is possible that your purchase might not have all the features and technology like that of the more recent cars. But then there is nothing to worry about as you can easily get new technology added to your car and that too at a very affordable price. Here’s a list of gadgets and equipment you should have in your add-to list for your car.

1) Heads-up Display (HUD): Initially fitted only in luxury cars, HUD today is increasingly becoming a utilitarian feature. The reason behind its wider adoption is its utility on safety front – in a car with HUD; you need not take your eyes off the road to check the important parameters like speed, fuel-efficiency, tachometer, etc. You have to install a transparent screen on the windshield of your car and then the HUD will project these numbers on the windshield. The best part is that HUD is not very costly to install and within a budget of Rs 3000-4000 you can easily get a reliable HUD in the market. This small investment will go a long way in ensuring the safety and security of your loved ones and you.

2) Rear Parking Camera: According to the latest safety norms which have come into effect in the Indian automobile market, rear parking sensors have been made mandatory and from July 2019, these come as a standard part of equipment in all cars across their variant range. The Government of India has also made driver-side airbag, seat belt reminders, and central locking manual override systems mandatory in cars.

While the convenience of parking definitely gets boosted by the addition of parking sensors, you should also get your car fitted with a rear parking camera for a smooth parking experience. Parking camera doesn’t only enhance the convenience but also act as a piece of safety equipment by informing you in advance about the possible collision. Like HUD, the installation of a parking camera is not a costly affair and you can easily get some good system in the market within Rs 5000-6000.

3) Blind-spot Mirrors: Volvo introduced blind-spot mirror technology in India in 2007 when they launched the S80 model here. It is not as popular as a rearview camera or HUD though it is very significant in detecting the vehicles which you can’t notice because of the presence of blind-spot – created either by thick pillars of your car or lack of coverage by outside rearview mirrors. The technology of blind-spot provides complete 360-degree coverage of your car which is very useful in preventing any kind of untoward incident while driving on highways. Especially these mirrors are quite useful in detecting riders from behind and alert the driver about their presence well in advance.

4) Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Advancement in technology has resulted in tubeless tires and the invention has made things easy for drivers. Unlike tube tires, tires with tubeless feature will not get flat immediately in case of a puncture. The rate of air leakage is very slow and gives you enough time to reach a mechanic to get it repaired. One of the basic reasons behind the tire puncture is lack of the desired pressure and to ensure that tires remain inflated with the correct pressure, you should equip your car with a tire pressure monitoring system. The system will tell you the pressure in your car’s tires and keep you updated on a real-time basis. Not only it will make your long journey hiccup-free but also enhance the fuel efficiency as air pressure enjoys a direct correlation with how many kilometers your car covers in a liter.

5) Jump Starter: You should invest in the jump starter as the battery of your car can be dead at once without giving you an early signal. You can also go for a small and powerful lithium-ion battery that you can utilize to jump-start your car and even act as a charger for many other devices. You can use it as a flashlight and the good thing is that you need not spend much to purchase it. While going for an additional lithium-ion battery, look for the specifications while also giving consideration to its size. Most of these batteries are quite handy and easily fit in the glove box of your car.

6) Bluetooth Device: Upgrading your car with Bluetooth telephony has now become a necessity given the fact that mobiles have become part and parcel of our life. The use of mobile phones while driving is one of the major causes of accidents worldwide and now according to the latest Motor Vehicle Amendment Act 2019, you will be penalized heavily for using your mobile phone while driving. For equipping your car with Bluetooth facility, you just need to swap your current music system with a Bluetooth-enabled system. There are a number of brands available in the market and it can be done in as little as Rs 2000-3000. Once Bluetooth is enabled, you can take the calls hands-free while accessing the music without any manual interventions.

We strongly believe that the addition of these desirable technologies in your car is going to be a great investment. Not only these technologies provide more convenience to your everyday driving but also help you to stay safe by early detection of situations that have the potential to turn into an untoward incident.

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