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How to Get Inter-state RC Transfer done?

Vehicle Registration with the local administrative authority is mandatory for all the citizens residing in India. Registration of the vehicle ascertains clear ownership between the person (owner) and the automobile. It also aids in imposing taxes on the vehicle titleholders in a proper manner. The authorized registration number, allotted by RTO - Regional Transport Office, of the transport, is exhibited on its number plate.

When Alteration in Vehicle Registration is Required?

There are certain situations that necessitate an alteration in the registration documents. For instance, when a person shifts from one city to another and takes his/her car along (where the name of State is changing) and aims to use it for a long duration (more than a year) then re-registration of the vehicle is required along with the re-payment of the road tax or lifetime tax. The amount of the road tax to be paid would be based on the decline in vehicle value. Subsequent to this, the possessor of the motor vehicle would require to receive the refund of paid lifetime tax from the earlier state by presenting the latest road tax slip. Next, the re-registration procedure of the recent State would be followed.

Another situation that commands the registration of the transport to be done again is when the inter-state sale of the vehicle takes place, which is to say that the automobile which is registered in one state is bought by a buyer residing in a different state on a perpetual basis. Here, the new transport owner is required to apply for the transfer of registration documents of the vehicle from the older state to the new one. The other condition is when the primary vehicle owner relocates to a new state and wants to attain a local authorization of his motorized vehicle.

Documentation Mandatory for Transfer of Vehicle Registration
The legal papers that are mandated for the transfer of motor vehicle registration are listed below:

  • Original Registration Certificate from the previous state
    *** Form 20** - the form to apply for transport registration
  • No Objection Certificate (NOC) obtained by the automobile owner from the preceding RTO
  • Form 27 – the document to request for the issuance of a new registration certificate of the motor vehicle
  • Form 33 – the legal paper that provides information regarding the modification in the address mentioned in the registration document
  • Verified photocopy of address proof
  • Certified photocopy of the transport owner’s driving license that is legally binding
  • Verified copy of Pollution Under Control (PUC) Certificate
  • PAN Card – Form 61 or Form 60, whichever is applicable
  • Passport size photographs of the candidate applying for re-registration

In case the vehicle is on loan, NOC signed by the lending bank
Procedure for Changing Vehicle Registration from One State to Another
In order to apply for a transfer of motorized vehicle registration, one has to undergo the following process:

  • Submission of Form 28 to the Regional Transport Office in the State of origin so as to avail the NOC from there
  • Obtaining Form 29 from initial RTO, in case the vehicle owner desires to sell his transport to a different state
  • Submission of NOC to the recent (new) RTO
  • Payment of the valid road tax in the newly transferred state
  • Procurement of a new transport registration number from the current Transport Department

The local Transport Office in the recently moved state would approach the old RTO for the verification of registration number. The former RTO would also authenticate re-registration by way of a notification known as CRTI. As soon as the Traffic Department in the old state gets the CRTI, the request for a refund would be processed.

Overall, the whole procedure of the vehicle’s re-registration is an intricate proceeding. But the awareness about the complete paperwork and regulations would resolve various issues that you may come across.

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