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Why Do You Need To Check The Engine Of The Used Car Before Buying It?

The engine of a car is like the heart in the human body. It is the most important component of a vehicle and constitutes a significant portion of its retail price. If you are out in the market to buy a used car, make sure you thoroughly assess its engine before finally going ahead with the purchase. There are a number of different parameters related to the car’s engine which need to be evaluated and we have compiled a list of the most important ones that will help you to get a fair idea of the engine’s condition that in turn will allow you to make an informed decision.

1) Check Service History and Maintenance Record: A well-maintained service record of the car indicates that it has been taken good care of by the owner. The service record will provide you information about all services the car has undergone including details about the change of engine oil, repair of engine components, issues related to the cylinder block, piston, timing belt, etc. Usually, oil change in cars is scheduled at an interval of 10,000 km and if the service record shows irregularity in oil change interval, you should take it seriously. It’s a clear indication that all is not well with the car’s engine as any laxity in oil change will lead to irreparable wear and damage to the motor.

2) Inspect Under the Hood: You can have a fair idea about the condition of the car looking at its exteriors and interiors but when it comes to the engine’s condition, you have to dig deep and need to look under the hood. Before you start inspecting the engine, make sure that engine is switched off, the car is positioned on a level surface, and the handbrake is engaged. While inspecting, you need to specifically look for the signs of engine damages such as oil leaks, the smell of burnt oil, or coolant discharge from the radiator.

You might not able to assess the issue of oil leakage just by opening the bonnet of the car. You need to get down on your knees and inspect the car from below to get the real picture. The engine and transmission of the car need to be dry to convey the fact that a car has no issue related to the oil leak. You can also inspect the condition of the fuel tank to determine if there is oil leakage or not. The smell of burnt oil is a warning signal that the car’s engine is not in the pink of health. It is prognosis of internal damage and definitely you should avoid purchasing such a car. The real problem with such damages is the fact that you can’t undo the harm and the rectification procedure is very costly. Besides, issues related to the coolant discharge are also quite costly to be rectified. For detecting any possible coolant discharge, you should closely examine the radiator of the car and if you find a crack or leakage, ask the seller to repair/replace parts before you buy the car.

3) Avoid Modified Cars: Modification sounds like a fancy word and it does help the car to improve its performance. However, it has its own share of downsides and the negative impact of modifications on the longevity of the car’s engine is a well-known fact. It is desirable not to go for a used car which has been modified to put out an extra-strong performance. Still if you want to go for the one, ask for the comprehensive detail from the owner of the car – what are parts that have gone under the modification; are these parts available in the market in case you want to replace them; how much is the impact of the modification of the fuel efficiency etc.? All these questions should be thoroughly analyzed before making any kind of final decision.

4) Status of Battery and Ignition System: A rough ignition indicates there is something wrong either with the battery or with the ignition system of the car itself. Most of the time, old batteries interfere with the proper ignition and you should check from the service report when was the last time the owner replaced the car’s battery. Usually, a car’s battery is good for around 3-4 years and should be replaced thereafter. The ignition system, on the other hand, should not face any issue for years if it continues to receive proper support from the car’s battery.

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