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Sell Your Chevrolet Car

Chevrolet, popularly referred to as “Chevy”, is a division of the American automobile conglomerate General Motors. It boasts of a more than a century-old history and a rich clientele owning to their flagship cars like Beat, Sail, Cruze and more. Chevrolet Beat rose among its peers to become one their highest selling cars. Although Chevrolet has stopped selling cars in India, they still offer post sales service and support to their existing customers, including vehicle warranty and honouring any prior service commitments. All of which is great from the point of the brand but customers will suffer when it comes to selling their Chevrolet cars. Getting good resale price would become a challenge but that’s why Gaadi.com is here. We ensure that you get the best resale price for your car.

Here’s how we go about selling your pre-owned Chevrolet car:

  1. Free Scientific car inspection across 200 checkpoints
  2. Providing you with the best prices based on the report generated by the inspection
  3. Assistance with paperwork including free RC transfer. Now you can avoid long lines at the RTO
  4. Free Vahan check
  5. Absolutely transparent, hassle-free process
  6. If all your documents are in place, we can help you sell your car in less than a day
    7.Instant money in your bank account, once the sale has been agreed upon.
  7. Minimum paperwork policy for the customers’ convenience

All you need to do is schedule a appointment with Gaadi, bring all the docs and we’ll take care of the rest.

Surely you’d like to know more and have a question or two, don’t hold back, call us on 1800-12345-2323 email us at support@gaadi.com we will gladly provide you with any assistance. Looking forward to hearing from you soon !!!