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Demerits of selling your car privately

You need to think about a lot of questions once you decide to sell your old car. The first and foremost is “why do you want to sell your car” followed by another obvious one “how am I going to sell my car”. The answer to the first question is rather simple – your car has become quite old, or you want to buy a new car and hence, you want to sell off the old one. However, when it comes to “how” part, most of the people sell their cars privately without thinking twice about the complications and consequences involved in the process. We list down the reasons why selling your old car privately is not a good idea.

1) Safety Risk

The biggest demerit of selling your car privately is the safety risk that comes with the process. You deal with unknown people, invite them for negotiations, accompany them on a test drive and do many other things which are required to complete the deal. Now if you haven’t verified credentials of the person before the meeting, then you’re putting yourself on big safety risk. Further, inviting the unknown persons to your place for negotiations is even more dangerous from the safety perspective.

2) Financial Risk

Private selling also accompanies the risk of financial loss as you might not get the best deal on your used car. To avoid this, you must do your car evaluation before selling it. Read here the five reasons why you should do the car evaluation - 5 reasons for car evaluation

3) Time Risk

You will encounter many casual buyers who are not serious about buying your car. Rather what they want is just an opportunity to see the car and test drive it. They are just in the transition mode and will not in the need of buying the car urgently. These unserious buyers will waste your precious time and even end up irritating you. To avoid this situation, you should screen interested buyers firsthand and meet only the genuine ones.

4) Negotiations Risk

Selling your car privately also means there will be hectic negotiations as both seller (you) and buyer (customer) try to get the best deal. Especially, buyers will try to negotiate hard and repeatedly visit you in order to persuade you to decrease price. They also might figure out some kind of distance relationship with your family, saying they are known to your grandfather or they belong to the family of your father’s best friend and therefore, you should reduce the price of your car at least by Rs 10,000 or so. Now, these kinds of situations are quite annoying and if you are not an expert negotiator, you might come under their influence and let go of some legitimate money on your car.

5) Emotional Risk

If you decide to sell your car to a known person, then you’ll put yourself in an awkward situation. First of all, you won’t be able to negotiate hard and second, deciding on terms of payments is not completely in your hand. If your known buyer says that he/she would be paying you the money after six months or in installments, you might not be able to say no to them. Another problematic situation arises if the known person comes back to you pointing different problems in your car then you won’t be able to say them clearly that they are not taking good care of the vehicle and hence these issues in the car have come to forth. In order to avoid these situations, we suggest you not to sell your old car to a known person.

After going through all these risks, we are pretty sure that you have now understood why selling your used car privately is not a good option. Rather, choosing to sell your car at CarDekho Gaadi Store will not only keep all these risks away but also get you the best value for your car in a single visit. What makes the car selling here even more desirable is the fact that you will receive money instantly in your account. The car portal also takes responsibility for transferring the RC without charging any extra penny for it.

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