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How to Get a Duplicate Registration Certificate?

Just like your driving license, the registration certificate (RC) is one of the most important documents that you require to drive the vehicle legally on the road. An RC is a document that proves that the car is registered with the registration authorities under the government of India. According to the Motor Vehicles Act 1988, it is mandatory for all vehicle owners to have a valid RC failing which their act of driving will be considered illegal.

What information does an RC contain? Some of the important details that RC of your vehicle include the registration number of the vehicle, its registration date, year of manufacture, type of vehicle, seating capacity, engine number, and chassis number among others. With the growing use of technology, you can now have the RC of your vehicle as a smart card.

What is the validity of the RC? An RC is valid for 15 years from the date of purchase of the vehicle and it can be renewed for the next 5 years once the initial date of registration expires. At the purchase of the vehicle, you will be issued temporary RC which is valid only for a period of one month and mind you; this one-month time frame cannot be renewed or extended. Hence, it becomes incumbent on you to apply for the permanent RC as soon as possible.

Duplicate RC Issue Process: From all the information mentioned above, it becomes very clear that the RC of a car is the most important document and you should preserve it very carefully. However, in case you lose your RC, don’t panic as you can apply for a duplicate RC at your area’s Regional Transport Office (RTO). We explain in detail the process of applying for duplicate RC while highlighting the important tips that will help you to get the job done without much difficulty:

  1. The very first thing you need to do is to register a complaint with your nearby police station. Explain in detail the circumstances under which RC was lost while specifically mentioning the place and time when you lost your RC.

  2. After giving the first-hand account of the events, make sure you provide officials with information such as registration number of your vehicle, model and variant name, registration year, engine, and chassis number, etc. Also, get your contact number and address clearly mentioned in the complaint to receive important details about the investigation as it unfolds.

  3. Once these steps are taken, the police station will issue a challan mentioning that the “RC Card has been lost”.

  4. Once you get the challan, you will require the** From 26** which is nothing but an application for the issue of duplicate certificate of registration. The form is available with all RTOs and you can also download the form as well.

  5. In case, you have financed your vehicle then you have to obtain a no-objection certificate from the financing agency certifying that it has no issue with you applying for a duplicate RC.

  6. Take 3 copies of Form 26 and get these endorsed from the registering authority in the RTO.

  7. You will require a valid identity proof, two passport size photographs, attested address proof, a valid insurance and pollution under control certificate to submit to the RTO.

  8. It will be on a safer side if you get the affidavit made on a stamp paper providing details of your car/bike while mentioning the fact that you have lost your RC card.

  9. Submit all these documents, i.e., three copies of Form 26, passport size photographs, identity proof, residential proof, pollution under control certificate, and affidavit to authorities in RTO. The RTO Superintendent is the authority to whom all these documents should be submitted to.

  10. After submitting the forms to RTO, you need to go to the Assistant Regional Transport Office (ARTO) in order to verify and attest your identity proof.

  11. Pay the requisite amount of fee and collect the receipt from ARTO.

  12. You then again need to visit the RTO office to show the receipt you have obtained from the ARTO to the superintendent in the RTO. The superintendent will verify that receipt and then sign it.

  13. As the last step, you need to collect the acknowledgment slip from the RTO counter and this slip will have mention of the date when you are expected to get the duplicate RC. The total fee that you need to pay in order to get the duplicate RC should not exceed Rs 500.

Remember, the RC of the car is the most important document and if you have lost it, apply for the duplicate RC as soon as possible. You must not delay the process otherwise complications might arise at the later point in time.

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