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Sell Car in Koramangala

Koramangala, Benagluru, a cosmopolitan dotted with numerous IT companies, colleges, rooftop bars, hip restaurants, stores selling funky clothes and accessories, along with upscale apartment complexes and much more attracts young techies every day to come work, relax, and even live. When you are staying at a place as convenient as this, you don’t want to go too far away for anything even if it is selling your car. That’s why we opened a Gaadi Store for your convenience. Get your car inspected, checkout some of the nearby shops/cafes and come back to a jaw-dropping resale value of your car. Not just that, you get to enjoy some awesome perks like:

  • Free car inspection in Koramangala which covers over 200 checkpoints
  • If you are just casually looking for your car’s estimated resale value in Bengaluru, you can simply use the online form, share 2-3 details of your car and viola, you’ll get your car’s price.
  • Free paperwork which includes RC transfer, loan closure assistance and more
  • Absolutely transparent process, because we value your trust
  • If you have all the documents in place, we can help you put the sold stamp on your car in 1 visit or 70-120 minutes
  • Upon completion of sale, we instantly transfer the money into your account. A lot of our customers receive the money even before they leave the store
  • Minimum paperwork is another one of our ways of simplifying the car selling process in India

If you’re wondering if really would get these benefits, book an appointment at gaadi.com and see for yourself that all these are truly delivered. You need not worry what model or make your car is, as we buy them all – even scrap cars the only exception we make is in the case of commercial cars. Just call us at 1800-12345-2323 or email us at support@gaadi.com and we will happily answer all your queries. Selling your car has never been so easy before!

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