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Tips to Follow While Trading in Your Car

If you have made up your mind to buy a new car, there is a high probability that you also have decided to sell your old car. This makes sense as carrying the unnecessary load of two cars is not a practical thing to do, especially when finding a parking spot for your car is proving to be challenging in metropolitan cities as well as small towns. Now, among the popular ways of selling old cars, trading-in the vehicle finds favour among urban customers. The reason is quite obvious - trading in the old car is much faster than the other things. It’s quite safe too if compared with the method of private selling; however, the biggest drawback of trading in your car is the poor value that you receive via this method. It will leave you shortchanged at the end of the deal. Here we explain in detail why trading in your car might not be the best option from the price perspective.

1) Dealership Executives are concerned about their targets rather than providing maximum value for your old car

Everyone working in the corporate world knows the work pressure. People are given a target and the pressure to achieve the target is enormous. Same is true for the automobile dealers where executive works under closely monitored monthly targets. If you find the dealership executive quite eager to help you in selling off your car quickly, it might not be the sympathy towards you but rather his/her attempt to meet the sales target. Now to impress you that he/she will provide you the best value for your car in the trade in deal, the executive will very cleverly mark up the price of the new car and then add the same margin to the value of your old car to claim that you have been provided with the “Best Deal” on your car. For example, if the new car costs Rs 4 lakh (ex-showroom price), the executive after adding all the taxes and duties will give you a final quote of Rs 5.30 lakh (on-road price), Rather than calculating the price with a base of Rs 4 lakh as ex-showroom value, he/she will take Rs 4.20 lakh or Rs 4.30 lakh as the ex-showroom price for calculating the on-road price. These additional Rs 20,000-30,000 will be added to the value of your old car just to make you believe that a car dealership is giving you an “excellent deal” for your old car though in reality, you haven’t got any price advantage. To save yourself from any such manipulation, we suggest you to take the price quotation of a new car from at least three to four dealerships and then compare the price. If you find any discrepancy on the price, immediately point it out and don’t proceed ahead with the trade-in process.

2) Don’t get influenced by the fake arguments and analysis

Dealership executives will present a list of reasons why your car doesn’t deserve a good value. Sample some of the reasons - the model of your car is quite old, the company has already stopped manufacturing this model, the resale value of this model in the market is low, used car buyers do not like this model, there is a slowdown in the market and nobody is willing to purchase a used car, your car condition is not good, you don’t have a maintenance record and vehicle history, and the list just goes on. We recommend you not to fall prey of these arguments and for that, you should have right estimate of your car’s value. You can visit the CarDekho Gaadi website and just by entering a few details, you will instantly get the estimate of your car’s value. This estimate will help you to stay confident during the negotiations rather than coming under the influence of those false claims.

3) Do some research before trade in your old car

Today almost all the dealerships offer the facility of exchange which saves a lot of time though the method might not provide you with the best value for your old car. Still, if you want to sell your car to the dealership, we recommend you to do some prior research and go prepared with some tricks up your sleeve. Following are the recommendation:

Make sure you visit at least three to four dealerships of the same manufacturer to obtain a price quote for the new car in an exchange offer.
Find out the difference between prices quoted by different dealerships and then utilize these price quotes in order to bargain hard to get the best deal for your exchange offer. Showing a dealership what another dealership has offered you can definitely help you to maximize your gains in the process.
To further sure about the best price for your old car, you can visit the store of CarDekho Gaadi and get the best estimate of your car’s value. Then use this estimate to get a sweet deal while you trade-in your car.

Why not to sell at a CarDekho Gaadi Store

Selling your car to CarDekho Gaadi offers you a host of advantages – not only is the process simple and convenient (that’s better than trade-in) but also offers you the best value of your old car (something that you won’t receive if you decide to trade in your old car. Selling your old car at CarDekho Gaddi is as simple as three steps:

  1. Go to the https://www.gaadi.com/ , enter details of your car, and get an estimate for its value

  2. Book an appointment at the nearby CarDekho Gaadi Store and get your car inspected by the experts

  3. Once the inspection is complete, you will be given the best value offer for your car, you like the price, sign the documents and the money will be transferred to your account

P.S., the company also takes care of the ownership transfer as RC will be transfer free of cost.

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