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Ways to Sell your Damaged Car

No matter how much care you take while driving, it is not unusual to your car undergoes some damage. Yes, the intensity of the damage differs from situation to situation and when it comes to selling your car, your decision should primarily be based upon how much damage your car has received. We discuss the possible scenarios below that will help you to choose the best way to sell your damaged car.

1) Repair it and Sell it

If the nature of the damage is minor, it is beneficial for you to repair it and then put it out for the sale. Repairing the damage will help you to claim good value for your car. Small damages include minor scratches, dents, broken side-view mirrors, cracks in the dashboard, soiled upholstery, music-system malfunction, etc. We can also classify the minor damages in terms of repair cost as the bill for minor repairs should not exceed Rs 30,000-40,0000. In other words, the major problems related to engine overhauls and transmission failure shouldn’t be included in the minor issues. The best strategy regarding the minor issues is to repair them and then sell the car to get good resale value.

2) Sell the Car in its Current State

This is the situation when your car is damaged majorly and you know that repairing cost is going to be higher than the car’s current value. In such a scenario, it makes sense that you should sell the car in its current situation rather than wasting your money on its repair. For example, it is very costly to replace the engine and transmission system of a car and hence, it would be a wiser choice if you choose to sell your car with the existing state of engine and gearbox rather than putting the money to replace it. Many times potential buyers are confident that they will be able to repair these major faults within a reasonable cost and they will bargain you on the price front. In that case, you should accommodate their demand for decreasing the price and sell your car at the adjusted value.

3) Sell the Car to Scrap Dealer

If your car is not in running condition and has already completed its life cycle (In a lot of states in India, a petrol car’s life cycle is 15 years and 10 years for diesel run cars), the time has come to sell your car to the scrap dealer. It is obvious that this is the least preferred option as the money you will get is nowhere what you desire, this is the only route available for cars which are non-operational and seem to have lived their life. It is important to note that the scrap dealer will pay you money in terms of weight of the car rather than assigning value to the various accessories and equipment installed in the vehicle. The most prominent advantage of selling the car to the scrap dealers is that the sales process is quick and quite simple as the car would no longer be sold to another buyer and no need to fret over RC transfer.

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