5 Reasons Buying Used Cars With Trustmark Ensures Peace Of Mind


With so many brands offering certified used cars, exactly what is different about Trustmark?

Certified used cars are available everywhere. After all, with so many players in the market, everyone has their own definition of certification. So if you buy a Trustmark car from a CarDekho Gaadi store, what benefits would you get that someone else isn’t offering already?

High Risk Cars Rejected

Below is a list of some red flags to look out for when buying a used car.

Car affected by flooding
Car involved in a fire
Car’s roof replaced or cracked
Smoke emanating from engine (any colour)
Car involved in a major mishap with the risk of chassis damage
Rim/wheel upsized

These are just some of the deal breakers that prevent a car from getting the Trustmark seal of approval. Even if a car is too old or has run beyond the prescribed kilometre limit (varies from brand to brand), it cannot qualify for Trustmark.

It is only once these requirements are met that a car then goes through a detailed inspection.


Strict Inspections

Each Trustmark car is put through a 217-point analysis. This inspection includes the chassis, exterior panels & components, interior, engine, transmission, electricals, tyres and additional operational checks. Approximately 70 per cent of the cars put through this range of tests fail.

This certainly narrows down the shopping list but while many used cars can claim to be as good as new, only a select few can actually prove it.

Vital Warranty

A warranty isn’t in place just to ensure peace of mind for the buyer. It’s also symbolic of how much the seller trusts what’s being sold. And in the used car world, generally, the best you can hope for is any existing warranty to still be valid. Many owners get extended warranties to improve resale value.

But whether or not the car you’re interested in has a pre-existing warranty, with a Trustmark car you get a 6-month/7500km warranty on the engine & transmission! So even if the strict inspection/report card of these vital components isn’t enough for you, the safety net of this warranty takes a big weight off your shoulders.

Test Drives Delivered

Urban Indians in particular, are accustomed to crowding. But we have to get accustomed to a new normal for a while. One where we have to maintain a certain degree of social distancing for our collective safety.

But that shouldn’t stop you from being able to buy your first/next car. After all, public transport or cab services seem riskier than before, and a pre-owned car offers a great balance for the health/financially conscious.

Once you’ve browsed through the options online, you can have the car of your choice delivered to your location for a test drive. Each car is sanitized, each driver wears PPE and even during the test drive, the driver will not sit in the same row as you. And you can test drive as many cars as you’d like, for a fee of Rs 149 per car.

7-Day Shield

Once you’ve purchased your car, it gets the protection of the 7-day shield. Any non accidental (post purchase) issues that you face in the first week of ownership will be fixed under the 7-day shield program. This isn’t an add-on but a standard service given with every Trustmark car.

*Disclaimer - TrustMark is a part of the GirnarSoft group, of which CarDekho-Gaadi store is a part.