CarDekho Gaadi TrustMark Showrooms: Your Queries Answered!


Welcome to the TrustMark Showroom by CarDekho Gaadi! Buying a TrustMark car is as easy as buying a new car. In some ways, even better. We hope you have booked a doorstep test drive of your TrustMark car of choice. If you have already test driven it and are thinking things over, let us help clear up any doubts you may have.

What does TrustMark mean?
TrustMark is a used car certification programme initiated by CarDekho Gaadi meant to offer you complete peace-of-mind ownership. TrustMark takes out the guesswork on whether a second-hand car of your choice is reliable by putting the vehicle through 217 checks.

A TrustMark car empowers you to buy a quality pre-owned car with confidence. The 6-month warranty on the engine and transmission are also proof of this confidence.

What is a TrustMark car?
Every TrustMark car is a pre-owned car, but every pre-owned car cannot be a TrustMark car. We, at CarDekho, ensure that only the very best cars can wear the TrustMark stamp of approval. Our inspection experts do the hard work of scouring through the many cars available in the market.

Firstly, any car that is older than 9 years or has covered more than 90,000 km or has had more than two owners is not eligible to be a TrustMark car. The remaining cars are then thoroughly inspected for any concerns. Our evaluators examine the engine, transmission, suspension, electricals, bodywork and interiors to ensure that every TrustMark car is free from the worries of accidental damage, theft or odometer tampering.

So, only the very best pre-owned cars that meet and surpass the TrustMark standards are shortlisted for you here. You can even view the report of each car on our site.

Can I view the report online?
Absolutely! How else would you be able to decide between the various excellent TrustMark choices! All the learnings from our inspection experts are available as a downloadable PDF. This report has interior and exterior pictures as well as valuable observations from the inspectors on everything from the bodywork to the engine.

How do I schedule a test drive?
If our colleagues haven’t connected with you already, please call the TrustMark helpline number and mention the vehicle you are interested in. Details of the vehicle, your licence and address proof will be needed to confirm the test drive. A fee of Rs 149 is applicable for booking your doorstep test drive.

Why do I have to pay anything before I drive the car?
This fee is purely to facilitate the test drive and does not imply any kind of obligation on you to purchase the said vehicle. Once the fee is paid and the appointment is booked, your chosen TrustMark vehicle will be brought to your home address for the test drive. For your safety, the vehicle will also be sanitised prior to the drive.

What precautions are taken for COVID-19?
While we will sanitise the TrustMark car for your test drive, we will request you to wear the necessary PPE like face mask and gloves before getting into the vehicle. Our representative will sit in the backseat to answer any queries you may have. Our representatives will be checked every day for high temperature or any other indicators.

I want to reschedule the test drive.
Sure thing! You are welcome to change the test slot up to 90 minutes before the appointment via the CarDekho Gaadi helpline.

How far can I drive the TrustMark car?
With a 6-month/7500km warranty on each TrustMark vehicle, you will find the 20 minutes and 5-kilometre limit sufficient for getting a feel of the car. Our representative will verify the driving licence of the person driving the car. Please choose roads and environments that will keep the TrustMark car free from any harm. Basically, care for it as your own. We hope it will be the one!

This car wasn’t right for me...
No problem. You are not obligated to buy the car just because you test drove it. Our representative will handle the return of the car while you can head over to the TrustMark world to find other contenders that might be the right fit for your garage! Each week, you can book two cars for a doorstep test drive. It’s the same snappy procedure!

I like it! Give me the best price.
Great news! We will be happy to coordinate between you and the seller and vice versa, until you have agreed on a price. This will help us ensure a higher level of satisfaction until the car is finally in your garage.

Do I need to pay a token amount?
We are glad that you have found a TrustMark car that’s right for you. To seal the deal we will request you to make a token payment to the dealer. The token amount depends on the price of the vehicle starting from Rs 5,000 for cars under Rs 1 lakh, Rs 10,000 for cars costing between Rs 1 lakh and Rs 5 lakh, and going up to Rs 20,000 for cars over Rs 5 lakh. The balance amount can be paid in five days, starting from the date the token is paid.

What if I need finance?
No worries. Let us know, so we can get your car loan financed from the convenience of your home. Can add link to InstaLoan here

Payment made. When do I get my TrustMark car?
We’ll assist you to decide a time for the handover of the vehicle and complete the necessary formalities. Our representative from CarDekho Gaadi will coordinate all of this for you. You can start cleaning up the garage in the meantime.

What about the RC and insurance?
We will arrange the transfer of ownership to your name. In case you need an insurance policy, we could help you with that too as we have a tie-up with all big insurance companies.

I have made the full payment. What now?
Congratulations! Our representatives will coordinate with you to pick a convenient time for delivery. At the time of delivery, our representative will draw up an inspection report to record the condition of the vehicle and get your approval before the handover. Five days after you have taken delivery, our representative will call you to confirm that you like the car and are continuing with it, which will enable us to activate the engine and transmission warranty and other formalities.

I think there’s a problem with the car.
It is disappointing that despite being thoroughly checked an issue has cropped up. But, don’t worry. We will examine and rectify any pre-existing issue that is found within the first five days from the date of handover.