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Your Car is Sending Signals, are You Reading Them?

Like the human body, our cars have a robust signal system. Before having a major breakdown, vehicles tend to signal issues and if we read these signals carefully, you can save your car and money. These signals can be very subtle (e.g. decrease in fuel efficiency, blinking of warning lights) or these can be very loud and clear such as continuous engine noise, suspension creaking, etc. Let us find in detail what could be the possible ways in which your car talks and you had better listen now rather than lamenting later.

1) Drop in fuel-efficiency

The most common symptom signifying that there is some issue with the car is a drop in fuel efficiency. We tend to ignore the decrease in km/l and even if we take cognizance, most of us will blame this drop to the external environmental factors – pollution, poor quality of fuel, and most commonly used excuse of heavy traffic. Some of us also tend to associate a decrease in mileage to regular use of the air conditioner in the car. It’s true that all these factors are responsible for some decrease in fuel efficiency; however, do not ignore the larger problem of the engine wear and tear which creeps in with the passage of time. No matter how much care and rigorous maintenance schedule you follow, your car’s engine is prone to have problems as it tends to age. If you continue driving with weary engine, not only will it put further pressure on the fuel-efficiency but also have a negative impact on the environment.

2) Noisy Suspension

The suspension system of a car is the most rigid mechanical linkage and it doesn’t malfunction very often. However, with the kind of roads and traffic condition we encounter in our daily lives, the problems related to the suspension system is on the rise. Our rough driving style also aggravates the issue. Consider a situation when you are driving sedately (at 50-60 kmph) and you suddenly hit the pothole. This will result in some damage to the suspension though the damage won’t be severe as you were not driving very fast. Now compare this situation to another one where somebody is zooming at triple-digit speed (110kmph) and suddenly hit the obstruction – the damage to the suspension here will be severe and detrimental. Repairing this kind of damage is a costly affair and you might have to shell out somewhere between Rs 20,000 and Rs 30,000 for the repair work.

3) Weary equipment and fatigued controls

There comes a time in car’s lifecycle when you find a host of problems creeping into features and equipment of the vehicle – its AC controls stop working, power windows require addition manual input, odometer starts readjusting, tachometer refuses to budge, tailgate lever gets jammed, and opening of the fuel-cap filler becomes a struggle. All these signs indicate that the features, equipment, and controls of the car have run their life and requires fixation. Now one option is to put out a lot of money to fix these issues and even after the repair, you won’t be sure how long these are going to last. However, other smart option is to sell your car as the vehicle might have lived its prime and now needs the replacement.

4) Inflated service and maintenance cost

Another credible indicator which indicates that it’s time to sell your car is related to high service and maintenance cost that you start incurring once your car ages. It is not unnatural that with the passage of time, some parts and components of the car will require replacement; however, if you find an abrupt increase in the service cost of your car, then it is indeed a warning signal for you that your vehicle might have run its rime. You have the option to bear high maintenance cost but then the question arises how long you will continue with these inflated bills. Once you reach such a situation, we recommend you to sell off your car rather than living with high service bills.

5) Resale value

With each passing year, the resale value of the car decreases and now with abundant of options around us, it’s becoming even more difficult to find a good deal for your old car. In such a scenario, it makes sense to sell the car early, i.e., as soon as you start noticing any of the above-mentioned signals from your car. The more you delay the selling process, the less resale value you are likely to get and to make it worse, you’ll be spending a lot of money on the maintenance and regular upkeep of your car.

In sum, parting with your car is not an easy decision to make but if you are getting signals telling you that it’s a time to say goodbye then it will be a wise decision to sell your car. In order to ensure that you get the best price for your car, we recommend you to sell it at a CarDekho Gaadi Store. Once the deal is done, you will get the money in your account instantly and even the RC transfer is done for free by them. Experience the car selling convenience like never before on https://www.gaadi.com/ and we bet, you will surely become a fan.

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